Reusable Vacuum Bags and Pump

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 Keeps Food 4x Longer!

These vacuum seal bags have the ultimate airtight seal. Preserving your food for weeks on end by not allowing any air or water to be in contact with your food! Think of all those half-eaten avocados thrown to waste! 

The AirTight Vacuum Bags comes with a portable hand vacuum pump that sucks up all air allowing food to stay preserved and fresh for over 4x longer. Simply put the end of the pump on the air hole and pull until the bag has an airtight seal. It's so easy!

The AirTight Vacuum bags are perfect for all types of items ranging from fish, vegetables, fruit, meats, dry foods, desserts and even leftovers while also saving you up to 3x more space!
It makes planning meals even easier being that you can safely store your prepped dishes for weeks on end. 

With a freezer safe design, your food will avoid freezer burn. Need to defrost? Simple, our AirTight Vacuum Bags are made of a high-quality, BPA free plastic that is 100% safe for use in microwave or in boiling water up to 100°C - 212°F. It's the easiest way to defrost! 

Once you're done with the bag, simply wash and reuse. No need to throw to waste adding to the overuse of disposable plastic bags which take decades to decompose! 

Save money by keeping food longer and help eliminate waste on plastic bags. It's a win-win!


Bag Sizes

- Bags are of 5 different sizes.

Product Information

- Brand New and high quality.
- Few seconds done the job.
- Can be reused time and time again.
- Use a clip to help you seal the storage bags.
- Ideal for keeping foodstuffs fresh and longer.
- See through design for picking out food easier.
- Reinforced double zipper ensures an airtight seal.
- With hand pump for pumping out the air through valve.
- Reduce freezer burn and waste and to preserve all food freshness.
- Removes harmful air from any freezer vacuum sealer storage bags.
- Bags are refrigerate, freeze safe that meet all your daily requirement.